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Scaling Patient Identity Solutions: The Role of FAST Interoperable Digital Identity and Patient Matching Implementation Guide

Providers Share Real-World Successes of Using HL7 FHIR APIs

Recap of the May FAST Focus Webinar: Advancing Secure Health Data Exchange

Automating the Retrieval of Duplicate Remittance Advice Using HL7 FHIR API May Lead to Significant Time Savings

Where Do We Begin? Hear First-Hand Accounts of Payer-to-Payer Data Exchange and End-to-End Prior Authorization Implementations at Upcoming Community Roundtable

Navigating Perceptions: Insights from the FHIR at Scale Taskforce (FAST) Community Survey

Save the Date: Discover Secure Data Exchange in Our Upcoming FAST Focus Webinar

HL7® Applauds ONC's Move to Embrace HL7® FHIR® for Nationwide Health Information Exchange

Demystifying the Implementation of the FAST Security FHIR® IG: A Closer Look

Next Gravity Project Implementation Affinity Group Will Feature More Real-World Implementations

Next HL7 Da Vinci Community Roundtable Will Help Jumpstart Your HL7 FHIR Implementation

CodeX-Uncovering the Potential of REMS Automation: A Journey Towards Interoperability

Diving In: A Recap of FAST's Latest Presentations and Engagements at Industry Events

March Community Roundtable Offers Reflections on Industry Trends and FHIR Exchange Networks

Dispatch From The US Realm: January WGM Recap & Important News About The Future of US Core & FHIR Release 5

The Sequoia Project and HL7 Enter Strategic Collaboration to Advance FHIR Implementations Nationwide

Breaking Ground: Inaugural FAST Focus Webinar Delving into FHIR Infrastructure Work

New Postable Remittance Advice Use Case Featured in HL7 Da Vinci Project Community Roundtable

When Engaging with Healthcare, Come Prepared

CMS Final Rule Overview Added to Next Week’s HL7 Da Vinci Project Community Roundtable

HL7 Da Vinci Project Use Case Progress Aids Market Readiness

Connectathons Help HL7 FHIR Users Move From the Theoretical to the Concrete

HL7 Da Vinci Project Leaders Highlight A Year of Active Implementation and 2024 Plans at the December Community Roundtable

Free HL7 Europe Webinar on the FHIR Implementation Guide for Laboratory Results This Friday

Retirement Announcement for HL7 Executive Director Mark McDougall

Vulcan & CodeX HL7® FHIR® Accelerators Collaborate with The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) on the Advancing Clinical Trials Readiness Initiative

Unpacking FHIR's Vital Role in Healthcare Interoperability & TEFCA: Insights from FAST on HIMSSTV

HL7 Da Vinci Project Implementation Guide Progress Is Focus of Next Community Roundtable

September CodeX Community of Practice Showcases Oncology Data Collection and Documentation Transformation

Patient Cost Transparency is Focus of HL7 Da Vinci Project’s September Community Roundtable

Genomics Is the Focus of Upcoming CodeX Community of Practice

HL7 Da Vinci Project and CodeX Discuss Prior Authorization Successes, Implementation Guides and their Application in Oncology at August Community Roundtable

Curious About Quality? Plan to Attend the July CodeX Community of Practice

CodeX Makes Strides in Prior Authorization in Oncology

June Webinar Highlights Risk Adjustment Reporting at the Point-of-Care

Insights on Achieving Bidirectional Clinical Data Exchange

Race and Ethnicity: The Importance of Standardized Data Collection and Management

Da Vinci's April Community Roundtable to Feature Implementation of Burden Reduction IGs

Da Vinci Submits Comments on Interop 3 Proposed Rule & the Attachments NPRM

CodeX to Tackle More HL7® FHIR® Patient Care and Research Use Cases with Expanded Steering Committee

How to Improve Patient Matching: A Case Study

Are You Preparing for the Proposed Prior Authorization and Attachments Rules?

CMS Officials and Da Vinci Leaders Present a Community Roundtable on the Proposed Federal Rules and How Da Vinci Implementation Guides Meet Them

HL7 Gravity Project: Opportunity to Help Launch First National Digital Access and Digital Literacy Data Standards Development

HL7 Gravity Project: An Ongoing Evolution

November Community Roundtable Highlights Da Vinci Implementation Progress and 2023 Plans

Next Community Roundtable to Feature Updates on HL7 Da Vinci Implementation Guides

Status Update for October 18 | Association Management System Replacement

In Appreciation | World Standards Week

Status Update | Association Management System Replacement

HL7 Announces New Board, International Council and TSC Members

Sync for Social Needs

Dive Into Performance Reporting for Value-Based Contracts at Da Vinci’s September Community Roundtable

We're Replacing Our Association Management System This Fall

HL7's FHIR Accelerator CodeX Launces Pilot to Simplify Prior Authorization in Oncology

July Connectathon Brings Implementers Together; Plan Now for September Connectathon

HL7 International Appoints Two New Members to the Board of Directors

HL7® Da Vinci Project Names Eight Health IT Professionals ‘2021 Community Champions’

Learn How UC Davis Health, Centene and InterSystems Use HL7 Da Vinci Implementation Guides to Tackle Prior Authorization at the HL7 Da Vinci Community Roundtable

International Patient Access

CodeX, HL7 International Launch GenomeX Community to Enhance Access to Genomic Data for Improved Patient Care

The 2022 AMIA/HL7 FHIR® Applications Competition | Submit by August 2!

HL7 Announces New Informatics Internship

Explore Interoperability Governance at Upcoming HL7 Da Vinci Project Community Roundtable

Join Upcoming CodeX Events to Provide Input on Prototype & Pilot Plans and Learn FHIR Shorthand (FSH)

January FHIR Connectathon Touted a Success: Register Now for May

Better Patient Experiences and Outcomes Through Digital Transformation

Upcoming Roundtable Provides Essential Implementation Guide Primer

HL7 Da Vinci Going Strong at HIMSS22 With Lots to Offer

Working FEvIRishly with FHIR Resources

Message to the HL7 Community Regarding Conflict in Eastern Europe

Da Vinci to Feature the Role of EHRs in Advancing Interoperability at February Community Roundtable

US Realm Steering Committee February 2022 Update

CodeX Public Calls Covering Radiation Therapy, Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) and Prior Authorization Use Case Milestones

Helio FHIR Accelerator Announces Public Comment on 2022 Use Cases

Jump Start Your 2022 Implementation Efforts With Da Vinci’s January Community Roundtable

CodeX Taking Steps Towards Achieving Equitable Outcomes in Oncology

Health Level Seven International Appoints Three Executives to Support Organization’s New Divisions

Health Level Seven International Celebrates 10 Years of HL7® FHIR®

HL7 Da Vinci Project's Year-End Joint Community Roundtable and Member Forum Will Highlight 2021 Achievements and Plans for the New Year

Advancing the International Patient Summary

HL7® Launches Helios FHIR® Accelerator for Public Health

HL7 CTO Wayne Kubick to Retire

CodeX: Patient Voices Series, Part 3 - Lack of Clinical Trial Accessibility: Patients Miss Out on Potentially Lifesaving Treatments

Statement to the Global Community from HL7 International on the Paper "Playing with FHIR: Hacking and Securing FHIR APIs"

Drowning in Data: Why It’s Time to End the Healthcare Data Lake

HL7 Da Vinci Project October Community Roundtable to Highlight Clinical Data Exchange

CodeX: Patient Voices Series, Part 2 - The Overlooked Negligent Homicide: Bias and Racism in Healthcare

CodeX: Patient Voices Series, Part 1 - Communication: The Key to Patient-Centered Care

HL7 Da Vinci Project Roundtable Offers Update on Emerging IGs and a Demo of Prior Authorization

HL7® FHIR® Emerges as a Key Tool in Achieving Interoperability in Healthcare

CMS HL7® FHIR® July Connectathon Recap

HL7 Da Vinci Project Roundtable to Discuss Progress on Efforts to Use FHIR at Scale

Payer-to-Payer Data Exchange Highlight of HL7 Da Vinci Community Roundtable

Clinical Data Exchange Gets Increased Attention to Meet Efficiency Goals, Regulatory Challenges

U.S. Federal Health Data Solutions in the Era of Interoperability

May Community Roundtable Covers Reducing Burden: Da Vinci Quality Measures Tied to CMS RFI and HIPAA Exception Request for Prior Authorization

Spring 2021 CTO Tooling Update

Prior Authorization – A Burning Problem in Need of a Solution

Upcoming Da Vinci & HL7 FHIR Event Provides Keys to Payer-Provider Data Exchange Business Transformation

HL7 Da Vinci Project Recognizes Six Champions Who Highlight FHIR’s Potential

March Community Roundtable Celebrates Da Vinci Community Champions and Showcases MiHIN's Payer-Provider Directories' FHIR Deployment

HL7 International Appoints Three New Members to the Board of Directors

HL7 Da Vinci Project Recaps Standards Progress, Looks to Document Value of Implementation Guides

C-CDA Implementation-A-Thon to Expand Outreach to Engage New Communities

New HL7 C-CDA Navigation Tool Released

Reducing Industry Burden Focus of February’s HL7 Da Vinci Project Community Roundtable

CMS New Rules to Address Prior Authorization for Patient and Provider Interests

HL7 Da Vinci Project Roundtable to Discuss How Implementation Guides Can Help with Interoperability Rules

A Recap on Last Week's Virtual 26th HL7 FHIR Connectathon

Humana Explains How FHIR-enabled Interoperability Fits Into Its Strategic Vision

HL7 FHIR Accelerator for Translational and Clinical Research; Vulcan Launches

The Gravity Project Completes Food Insecurity and Housing Data Identification

HL7 FHIR Use Cases Power Notifications, Quality Communications Between Payer and Provider

Winter 2020 CTO Tooling Update

Humana to Share How it Gains Support for HL7 FHIR Initiatives

Hardworking Partners Gain Concrete Results from Medication Reconciliation Implementation

Roundtable Offers Glimpse of an HL7 FHIR Implementation and Da Vinci Project’s Progress

HL7 Da Vinci Project Plans Education Event to Get Organizations Ready for Federal Rules

Drinking from the FHIR Hose: A Newbie's Perspective on HL7 and the Da Vinci Project FHIR Accelerator

Initiatives Aim to Solve Barriers to Wider Use of FHIR and Reduce Provider Burden

Clinicians Play Key Role in Enabling Data Sharing through HL7 FHIR

CMS Interoperability Rule and Impact of COVID-19

Summer 2020 CTO Tooling Update

Integrated Approach for Radiology and Clinical Information to Support Clinical Decision Making

CMS, ONC to Offer Updates on Initiatives that Will Rely on FHIR Standards

HL7 Launches Project Vulcan FHIR Accelerator Program

HL7 Event Provides Training to Prepare for Implementing APIs

Partners Collaborate on Effort to Use Da Vinci Project’s DEQM to Exchange Quality Measurements for Patients

HL7 FHIR-enabled APIs to Help Payers Meet CMS Requirements for Data Sharing

HL7 Da Vinci Project Shows the Value of Collaboration to Build FHIR Tools

FHIR's Role in Enabling Quality Measurement Gets a Closer Look at Community Roundtable

HL7 Da Vinci Project Use Cases Aim to Reduce Documentation Burden in VBC

HL7 FHIR Dev Days Highlights How FHIR Can Support Patient Empowerment Efforts

HL7 FHIR Helps Bridge the Gap Between Cleveland Clinic and Payer in Collaboration

HL7 FHIR for HIEs: State Health Information Network for New York

APIs Could Help in Pandemics, but More Capability is Needed

Healthcare Organizations Are Implementing Da Vinci Project Use Cases to Achieve Real-World Results in Operations

SANER Project Using HL7 FHIR to Enable Easier Reporting for Public Health

Use Cases Offer Support for Payers in Meeting Final Rule Requirements for Consumers

Gaps in Care Use Case Continues Efforts Ahead of September Ballot

Microsoft's Hack on FHIR®

A Special Message from the HL7 CEO and Board Chair

HL7 FHIR Applications Begin to Support Better Response to COVID-19

The HL7 Da Vinci Project’s May Community Roundtable Highlights Three Use Cases that are Delivering Results

An Attendee's Perspective on the Virtual HL7 FHIR Connectathon & the Future of Tech Conferences

HL7 Da Vinci Project Use Cases Can Help Health Plans Comply with New API-Enabled Data Sharing Rules

Policy on the Move: Final Federal Interoperability and Patient Access Rules Information and Impact

HL7 International to Test Implementations of Electronic Case Reporting (eCR) Now for COVID-19 at Upcoming Virtual FHIR Connectathon

HL7 and Audacious Inquiry Collaborate to Support COVID-19 Response with SANER HL7 FHIR Implementation Guide

CMS Interoperability & Patient Access Rule: Impact and Opportunities

HL7 Da Vinci Project Use Cases Show Progress in Exchanging Information, Achieving Efficiencies

CMS Kicks Off April Da Vinci Project Community Roundtable: Features GuideWell & Edifecs Demonstrating Interoperability Use Cases

Spring 2020 CTO Tooling Update

All Are Welcome to Attend Da Vinci Community Roundtable

Ready for Better Interoperability and Value-Based Care? Catch HL7 Da Vinci Project HIMSS20 Programming This Week - Virtually

Think About Patient Access When You Think About Interoperability

HL7 Institutes Normative Ballot Proxy Process

The Use of HL7 FHIR and CQL By Measure Developers

Intro to HL7® Resources and Work Groups Important to the Quality Measurement Community

Overview of Current State of the Use of HL7®FHIR® & Near-Term Future State

What is HL7 + Introduction to Product Lines

Role of Tools like FHIR Bulk Data Access for Provider and Payer Data Exchange

Leading Healthcare Stakeholders Commit to Real-World Testing of HL7’s FHIR Bulk Data Implementation Guide

Cloud Providers Unite for Healthcare Interoperability

C-CDA Implementation-A-Thon in September 2019 as Part of HL7 FHIR Connectathon

Going to FHIR DevDays and Want to be a Certified FHIR Rockstar? The FHIR Proficiency Exam Prep Course Can Help!

API 101 – The Webinar

How to Get HL7 Certified

CTO Tooling Update: Neither a Sprint nor a Marathon

The Project Scope Statement (PSS) Is Now in Confluence

HL7 Receives Letter of Support from CMS

What's Next for Blue Button 2.0 and HL7 FHIR?

HL7 Publishes Clinical Genomics Domain Analysis Model

HL7 Publishes FHIR® Release 4

CTO Tooling Update: In Medias Res

New 2-Minute Videos on Confluence

HL7 Website Gets a Facelift

Another Type of Moonshot: Project Gemini

FHIR in the Fall

Collaborations Can Change the World

5 Ways to Market Yourself With HL7 Certification

The HL7 Fundamentals Course is Fundamentally Different

HL7 FHIR DevDays Comes to the U.S.

HL7 FHIR DevDays Recap: Boston is on FHIR!

What Can Apple Learn from the CCDE Track at the HL7® FHIR®  Connectathon 17

Making Clinical Genomics Smarter

Tooling Update: Provisioning the Journey

HL7 and TransCelerate Improving Clinical Research and Standard of Care Together

HL7® FHIR® Connectathon 16: Patient Consent Forms: Redundant in the World of OAuth2? Part 2 of 2

HL7® FHIR® Connectathon 16: Patient Consent Forms: Redundant in the World of OAuth2? Part 1 of 2

CDS Hooks, Genomics and More: Update from HL7 FHIR Connectathon 15 in Madrid

How Applicadia Leverages FHIR, CQL and CIMI

HL7 FHIR Product Priorities for Release 4

3 Tools and Approaches to Introduce HL7 FHIR® to Clinical Informatics Community

HL7 Austria Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Getting Ready for HL7 FHIR Connectathon 15

The HL7 FHIR Applications Roundtable: A Showcase of FHIR-Based Solutions

Release of the HL7 C-CDA® R2.1 Companion Guide

HL7 FHIR Foundation Collaborates with Google Cloud Platform to Support FHIR Community

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