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Diving In: A Recap of FAST's Latest Presentations and Engagements at Industry Events

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 5, 2024 2:37:24 PM / by FAST Project Management Team


Journeying Through Industry Waters: FAST's Impactful Presence at Recent Events

As the dust settles from the whirlwind of activity over the past several weeks in the healthcare industry, marked by prominent events such as ViVE and HIMSS24, it's evident that innovation and collaboration are at the forefront of progress. Amidst this bustling landscape, the FHIR at Scale Taskforce (FAST) has not only made its presence felt but has also unveiled new initiatives, including the launch of the FAST Focus webinar series and the initiation of public meetings for its scalable Consent project. This blog is a brief highlight of all the most recent excitement and includes helpful links for your reference. 

Introducing FAST Focus: A Quarterly Glimpse into FHIR Infrastructure 

Launching the inaugural FAST Focus webinar marked a significant milestone, offering a quarterly rendezvous for the FHIR and interoperability communities. This platform serves as a vital conduit for keeping stakeholders abreast of FAST's endeavors in bolstering FHIR infrastructure. Past sessions' recordings and decks are readily available on the FAST calendar page in the archive section, providing a wealth of insights for eager participants. 

HIMSS24: Spotlight on FAST's Participation 

FAST had a presence at HIMSS24 and was thrilled to interact with so many attendees, from the FHIR curious to seasoned FHIR implementers curious, to learn more about FAST’s work. FAST provided volunteer FAST representatives to staff the HL7 Accelerator kiosk in the interoperability showcase. The kiosk buzzed with activity and insightful interactions. FAST also left an indelible mark with multiple presentations at the Spotlight Theater and the HL7 booth, amplifying awareness and fostering dialogue around FHIR infrastructure work. 

We are also proud that FAST Consent project co-leads unveiled the consent management project to a wider audience at HIMSS. Their presentation underscored the importance of streamlined consent processes in modern healthcare. This new endeavor reflects FAST’s commitment to responding to community feedback and addressing emerging challenges. 

 The enduring work of the FAST Security team was also highlighted in a panel discussion in the HL7 booth. This team continues to make strides in maturing the FAST Security IG. Originating as one of the original focus areas during FAST's inception as an ONC-convened initiative, the security project remains steadfast in its mission to demystify implementation hurdles and foster a culture of collaboration among stakeholders. Through panel discussions, public calls, and active participation in events like Connectathons, and an informative fact sheet, the FAST Security team remains dedicated to promoting best practices and encouraging stakeholder engagement in cybersecurity initiatives.

For those who may have missed FAST's presentations at HIMSS24, you can find presentation decks, recordings and other resources on our conference material page. Also, a huge shout out to HL7 for moving their booth into the Interoperability showcase this year. The proximity of the HL7 booth and other FHIR Accelerator kiosks made an impactful statement about the cohesiveness, collaborative spirit and passion of the FHIR community. We loved seeing it, and being part of it.


 A Call to Collaborate 

Collaboration is the cornerstone of healthcare innovation and the heart of the FAST community. Through its unwavering dedication to FHIR infrastructure FAST continues to work towards paving a solid path for scalable interoperability. 

 Join FAST on this journey towards FHIR at scale, driving innovation and making healthcare more accessible and secure for all. Consider joining public calls, future FAST Focus webinars, and testing with us at future Connectathons.  

 We are also open to ideas for future FAST Focus webinars or to answer questions you might have about FAST’s work; the team eagerly awaits your outreach at To stay informed about future events and other FAST news, consider signing up for the FAST listserv on the FAST confluence page. 

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FAST Project Management Team

Written by FAST Project Management Team

The FHIR at Scale Taskforce (FAST) identifies Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) scalability gaps, defines solutions to address current barriers, and identifies needed infrastructure for scalable FHIR solutions.

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