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Navigating Perceptions: Insights from the FHIR at Scale Taskforce (FAST) Community Survey

[fa icon="calendar"] May 2, 2024 11:58:16 AM / by FAST Project Management Team

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March 2024 marked a pivotal moment for the healthcare IT sector, with the FHIR at Scale Taskforce (FAST) community survey revealing critical insights into the adoption, challenges, and perspectives surrounding various FAST implementation guides (IGs). This survey, engaging various stakeholders from providers to technology vendors, sheds light on the collective journey towards seamless healthcare interoperability. Let's dive into the nuanced feedback and the path it carves for the future of healthcare IT. 


Survey Results Overview 


FAST Security IG Adoption and the Quest for Clarity   

The uptake of the HL7 FAST UDAP Security for Scalable Registration, Authentication, and Authorization Implementation Guide (FAST Security IG) is on the rise, driven by an evident market need.  A notable proportion of respondents are keen to implement the HL7 FAST Security IG, likely due to its inclusion in the TEFCA FHIR Roadmap. There were some concerns expressed about market readiness. However, respondents expressed a need for clearer guidance beyond the existing FAST Security IG, suggesting the development of a companion document to aid in implementation strategies would be helpful. 


FAST Identity IG: Overcoming Adoption Barriers   

While there seems to be adoption readiness for the Interoperable Digital Identity and Patient Matching IG, the survey highlights perceived barriers to adoption. These barriers were related to industry issues such as cross-jurisdiction consent and broader market acceptance and adoption by other industry initiatives rather than any issues with the IG itself. 


FAST National Healthcare Directory IG: Awaiting National Consensus   

Interest in the National Healthcare Directory IG hinges on the development of a national directory, with operational readiness and integration challenges marking key areas for community guidance and support. The sentiment expressed was of cautious optimism. This feedback highlights that this IG could be a template for national interchange and that it would be ideal for CMS to use this to ensure uptake.  


Scaling Challenges and Ecosystem Support   

The FAST ecosystem is broadly acknowledged for providing essential support for FHIR implementation at scale. Yet, respondents identify critical areas outside the scope of current IGs, including the need for changes to FHIR itself and regulatory evolution, as essential for further advancement. 


Strategic Directions and Community Engagement 

The survey reveals a consensus on the need for more detailed guidance, regulatory incentives and strategies to overcome market readiness challenges. The willingness of the community to participate in further FAST testing and pilot opportunities, though varied, underscores a commitment to enhancing healthcare interoperability. 


Conclusion & Next Steps in the FAST Community 


The FAST community survey's insights highlight the pivotal role of transparent guidance, strategic communications, and regulatory frameworks in advancing the adoption of FAST implementation guides. Addressing the challenges identified and embracing community feedback, we forge a promising path toward seamless healthcare interoperability, improved patient care, and optimized workflows for providers and payers. Our collaborative efforts are key to harnessing the full capabilities of FHIR-based interoperability. 


To support your ongoing journey and to foster deeper engagement with FAST initiatives: 

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    Your active participation and shared knowledge are vital to the vitality of the FAST community. Let's unite to meet interoperability challenges, celebrate shared achievements, and propel the healthcare IT industry toward a more integrated and efficient future. For inquiries or to discuss FAST membership, contact us at

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FAST Project Management Team

Written by FAST Project Management Team

The FHIR at Scale Taskforce (FAST) identifies Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) scalability gaps, defines solutions to address current barriers, and identifies needed infrastructure for scalable FHIR solutions.

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