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Next Gravity Project Implementation Affinity Group Will Feature More Real-World Implementations

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 19, 2024 9:24:32 AM / by Leslie Amorós

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April 25 Session Focuses on the Observation Screening Response Profile

Join us on April 25, 2024, at 2:30 – 4 p.m. ET for the next Gravity Project Implementation Affinity Group meeting, which features more real-world implementations and a key to their success: the Observation Screening Response profile.

Bringing Observation Screening Response into Focus for Gravity Implementers

Building upon the implementation approach and presentation by New York State Qualified Entities in February, this month’s Gravity Implementation Affinity Group session focuses on more real-world implementations and a key to their success: the Observation Screening Response profile.

The benefits of using this profile include explicit categorization of question/answer pairs by social determinants of health (SDOH) domains, flagging of positive findings, and using a common language (Gravity standardized terminology) to share and communicate these findings.

This session will highlight Observation Screening Response, including guidance on using key elements (e.g., Observation.category and Observation.interpretation) and using Observation Screening Response to create Observation Groupings.

Additionally, some uses for StructureMap will be discussed. Real-world experiences from a New York implementer will also be shared. The session will conclude with interactive engagement and dialogue with attendees.

Presenters for the session include:

  • James Shalaby, PharmD, Chief Informatics Consultant, Gravity Project, and Co-founder & CEO, Elimu Informatics
  • Corey Smith, Technical Director, Gravity Project, and Vice President, Informatics and Digital Products, American Medical Association
  • Monique van Berkum, Terminology SME & Technical SME, Gravity Project, and Director, Global Terminology Content Development at American Medical Association

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Topics: interoperability, health IT, Gravity, Social Determinants of Health, SDOH, Observation Screening Response Profile

Leslie Amorós

Written by Leslie Amorós

Leslie Amorós, Communications Lead, Da Vinci Project and Gravity FHIR Accelerators, and Senior Communications Consultant, Point-of-Care Partners.

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