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Sharon Chaplock, PhD

Sharon Chaplock, PhD
Sharon Chaplock, PhD, is the Director of Education for HL7 International

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HL7 Launches Ed to Go – A Mobile Game-based Learning Tool to Prepare for Certification

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 21, 2016 9:56:48 AM / by Sharon Chaplock, PhD posted in HL7 education, HL7, certification

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HL7 Ed to Go is here!

HL7 has launched an innovative certification preparation tool, HL7 Ed to Go, using the Qstream platform developed at Harvard Medical School. Based on game strategies and interval or “spaced” learning theory, questions are pushed at regular intervals directly to your mobile device.

This interval learning experience increases retention by 170% according to Qstream’s randomized clinical trials. “Brain science shows that even the smartest among us do better when there’s interval reinforcement and active recall of what we need to know,” according to Duncan Lennox, CEO and co-founder of Qstream.

Spaced Learning
Spaced learning has a long history in cognitive research, starting with Hermann Ebbinghaus, a German psychologist who in the late 19th Century made an important discovery.  His research concluded that spaced learning, learning that is repeated at optimum intervals rather than one intense cram session, increased retention for long periods of time. He is credited with describing the learning curve as it relates to memory and forgetting. Unfortunately there was no practical way of implementing this learning technique until computers could be programmed to do the work of delivering and then re-scheduling the dissemination of information chunks at the appropriate intervals. Qstream has adopted this learning methodology and HL7 is excited to offer it as a new learning tool to help test-takers retain knowledge for greater success when preparing to take a certification exam.

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