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How to Get HL7 Certified

[fa icon="calendar"] May 13, 2019 1:51:08 PM / by Sadhana Alangar, PhD

Did you know HL7 offers certification and proficiency exams for its healthcare information technology standards?

Our certification program is designed for professionals and employers in the healthcare industry. Professionals can achieve recognition for their levels of proficiency and expertise. Employers can help develop HL7 expertise in their existing workforce and identify new candidates with HL7 experience.

We often get asked if someone non-technical can pass an HL7 certification exam. It is possible, while a technical person with expertise can also fail. The tests are designed to ensure the understanding of important principles of the standard so that it's used successfully.

Therefore, it’s important to study and master the competencies in the study guide for the test. The exams can be taken at any stage in your career.

Certification and proficiency exams offered include:

There are free study guides for each test that provide specifics on format, topics and competencies. Additional resources include certification review courses and practice tests.

Exams can be taken online through proctored testing from your own computer or onsite at Kyrterion testing centers around the world.

Once you pass, you will receive recognition with a listing on the HL7 website in our Certification Directory, a digital badge you can download and display, an announcement in HL7 News and a certificate.

So, what are you waiting for? Start on your path to HL7 certification today.

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Sadhana Alangar, PhD

Written by Sadhana Alangar, PhD

Director of Education, HL7 International

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