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HL7 FHIR Product Priorities for Release 4

[fa icon="calendar"] May 5, 2017 1:51:39 PM / by Grahame Grieve

Draft FHIR Product Priorities for Release 4 

Now that we’ve published Release 3 of HL7 FHIR, it’s time for us to consider our main priorities for the next FHIR release. We’ve developed a draft list of product priorities for the Release 4 and will be discussing the following list at the HL7 May International Conference & Working Group Meeting next week in Madrid.

Please note that the following list is only a draft and is not considered final:

  • Normative: push to normative for
    • Foundation / API / XML / JSON / Bundle / OperationOutcome
    • Terminology Service (ValueSet / CodeSystem / ExpansionProfile)
    • StructureDefinition / CapabilityStatement
    • Patient / RelatedPerson / Practitioner / Organization / ?Endpoint
  • Position a core set of clinical resources (‘health base’?) for normative in R5 (or Observation | AllergyIntolerance | MedicationStatement normative for R4?)
  • JSON: ? use manifest for extensions, parameters resource (see blog post) (note that discussion on this didn’t go very well – probably will be dropped)
  • RDF: more ontology bindings + resolve status of JSON-LD
  • Data Analytics: support for a bulk data analysis bridge format (Apache Parquet?)
  • API: better control over retrieving graphs, and value added query support (tabular format?)
  • Patterns: change the W5 framework to a pattern (logical model), tie the patterns to ontology, and use of patterns to drive more consistency (and how to do this without decreasing quality)
  • Services: more services. Candidates: conformance, registry, personal health summary?, etc?
  • Deployment: get a clear standards path for smart on fhir / cds-hooks (and alignment with UMA/Heart)
  • FM: work on alignment between FM resources and the rest of FHIR

Please note that this list is written anticipating that the normal standards development process occur, and the content as a whole is maintained. I’d expect that this would amount to 1,000s of tasks. So this list is not a list of ‘what will change in R4’, but an indication of where particular focus will be applied by the FHIR leadership (so don’t be concerned if a particular issue of yours is not on this list, as long as it’s in gForge).


Topics: FHIR, HL7, HL7 community, interoperability

Grahame Grieve

Written by Grahame Grieve

Grahame Grieve is the founder of HL7 FHIR and the FHIR Product Director at HL7 International.

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